Photo Gallery

Pic 1
Reg Morrison Piner, river-man, tourist operator, Gordon River Tas


pic 3
Piners Punt, Gordon river, Tasmania. See the DVD ‘Two Men in a Punt’.
Pic 4
Huon Pine Log Jamb, Sprent river 1938. For more see the DVD ‘Two Men in a Punt’.
Pic 5
About to shoot a log Sprint River 1935. Reg Morrison on the right
Pic 6
Reg Morrison Franklin River 1940. For more on this remarkable feat see the book, ‘The Huon Pine Story’.
Pic 7
Piners Gordon river 1937. Charles Abel at left.
Pic 8
Four Masted Barque Lawhill Running before Gale. See the DVD ‘The Last Cape Horners’.
Noel Smith Ketch Hand Lead role in the DVD Trading Ketches of South Australia.
Pic 10
Storm Bay and Eumeralla, Fortescue Bay 2007
Pic 11
Eumeralla Gordon river Tasmania 2007
Pic 12
Mewstone Rock South coast Tasmania
Pic 13
Bin of Crays
pic 14
Pot of Crays Tasmania
Pic 15
Early Morning Southwest Tasmania
Pic 16
Mewstone Rock south coast of Tasmania
Pic 17
Maatsuyker Island and  The Needles south coast Tasmania
Pic 18
Dick Sonners Features in the DVD ‘The Pearl Shell Divers of Torres Strait’.
Pic 20
Fishing Ketch Pera, South West Cape, Tasmania
Pic 21
Crayfishing Southwest Cape Tasmania
Pic 22
Garry Kerr & Alf Stackhouse who features in the DVD ‘Wooden Ships & Stockmen’.
pic 23
Alf Stackhouse & Camera-man filming at Badger Island, eastern Bass Strait
Pic 24
Walter Hill Features in the DVD ‘Trading Out of Stanley’.
Pic 25
Garry Kerr after poling a tuna aboard ‘Tacoma’ off Port Lincoln.
Pic 26
Crew & Cast of the DVD ‘Two men in a Punt’ Gordon river Tasmania 2014
Pic 27
Cast & Crew Filming Two Men In A Punt DVD


Pic 28
Tor Lindquist Sail Maker, sailed around Cape Horn five times, 1939-45. Features in the DVD ‘The Last Cape Horners’.

Charlie Abel making oar Jane River camp 1934

Jane River logging camp. The only log cabin on the west coast of Tasmania.

 gordon river trip 2014 053

 Gordon river trip


Gordon river trip

gordon river trip 2014 022

Gordon river trip


img193A  Log raft Gordon

Long Raft Gorgon